Castor Oil – A Brilliant Remedy for Stretch Marks

Many women out there suffer from ugly stretch marks that unfortunately appear on different skin areas of their body due to a number of factors. The scars may vary in color and size, but never make you more beautiful.

Scientifically, stretch marks are an adverse result of certain mechanical and chemical processes occurring in your body. Pregnancy and rapid weight loss/gain are the primary factors that put your skin to the test. If excessively stretched, the skin experiences problems with shrinking back.stretch mark

Hormonal shifts are another factor deteriorating elasticity and health of the skin. This is why expectant mothers, menopausal women and adolescents during the puberty period face this cosmetic defect.

Though difficult, it is still possible to cure this kind of scars. For this end, a great variety of cosmetic products on the site – 5 stretch mark removal creams 2017 and procedures is offered on the market today. Nonetheless, none of the methods can claim to remove all stretch marks. Natural products are the option really worth your attention.

In this context, the first remedy to mention is castor oil, which is the extract of herb seeds cultivated in India. Ricinoleic acid, the primary ingredient, makes the oil an outstanding skin-hydrating remedy providing such benefits as skin sagging prevention, scar discoloration and improvement of the skin’s general state.

Applying Castor Oil to Stretch Marks

Castor oil is a really cost-efficient remedy as you need just a little bottle of it to help your skin stay properly moisturizes and remove already present stretch marks. In order to enhance the beneficial action, consider mixing castor oil with almond oil or rose oil in 1:2 proportions.

Side Effects of Castor Oil

Just like with any remedy you use, it is important to know possible side effects. First of all, you should know that both FDA and WHO recognize that castor oil provides no harmful effect for the human health. Nevertheless, some researchers advise to avoid excessive application of this substance, no matter how you apply it. Dizziness, diarrhea, throat tightening and fainting are major signs to suspect overdose. In this case, the patient needs urgent medical help.

Expectant or breastfeeding mothers should pay special attention to a proper use of castor oil for stretch-mark removal purposes. Getting a professional advice beforehand would be a reasonable decision.


Overall, castor oil is an outstanding product offering undisputed benefits to those who would like to get rid of developed stretch marks or prevent their appearance. It features a unique composition that the nature itself bestowed us to have the skin of our dream.

How to Keep Your Breasts Young with breast enhancement cream?

Life moves ahead; unfortunately we don’t get younger. Women pay great attention to the condition of their breasts, but as time passes, the bust loses its perfect forms and elasticity. Sagging is the word most women wouldn’t like to hear. This is because a sagged bust does not look attractive.

breast youngThis kind of stereotype has been formed under the pressure of television and glossy magazines featuring young celebrities with small breasts or supermodels with enhanced busts. However, this is mostly just a showcase or rather an illusion, while a common woman who has given birth to a baby or two cannot boast perfect curves like this.
Is it actually possible to avoid sagging? What should you do to prevent fast changing for the worse and keep your bust fit as long as possible? All answers you may find on

To find out answers to this kind of questions, you have to know what stands behind the negative effect. Breast sagging occurs due to excessive stretching of both skin around the breast area and ligaments responsible for support of the breasts. It’s like a rubber band: if overloaded or stretched excessively, it loses elasticity and cannot regain its initial condition. So what are the major harmful factors, and whether they can be reduced?

The first and foremost factor is aging. Unfortunately, it cannot be avoided. However, you can try to stay fit as long as possible.

If you have a big cup size, this adds to sagging just because the ligaments get weaker with age and are unable to support the bust any longer. The bigger your breasts, the sooner you will probably experience that nasty sagging effect.

If, during some period of your life, you experience fast and considerable weight loss, this will boost sagging, because breast tissues cannot shrink fast. So if you are going to lose some weight, take your time and be reasonable.

Pregnancy and the breastfeeding period are the time when many women face sagging for the first time, because the breasts’ size changes considerably within a relatively short period of time. Topical exercises and care procedures can be helpful.

You may be surprised, but there are some easy-to-implement though effective actions that can help you prevent sagging.

The first thing to recommend is doing simple exercises affecting muscles in the breast area. This will help keep your breast fit.
Avoid smoking, while this bad habit accelerates overall aging of your body and deteriorates skin elasticity in particular.
Pay close attention to your diet. You should consume many fruits and vegetables. Studies show that skin elasticity is dependant on vitamin C. Also, drinking plenty of juices or water is recommended.
Always wear a bra, which supports your bust properly. Breast bouncing can damage the ligaments. Wear sports bras during your workouts.
Use lotions to moisturize your breast skin regularly and improve its condition.

These tips are easy to follow and in fact do not require much efforts. However, your zeal will pay off with better shapes and longer youth.

Male Extra – A Product To Help Men Achieve Their Goal

Male Extra is a supplement made in the form of capsules and designed to help those men who look for an efficient and secure remedy for penis enlargement and erection improvement.
With this topical option, you may rest assured that this product really works and acts in compliance with its manufacturer’s claims, so it’s worth the time and money you need to invest.

penis growthWe must accept that Male Extra is a wise solution. This is because it is a decent product for male enhancement with honest promises and actual results.
Male Extra has been designed to help men increase their penis size and, which is also important, improve their overall sexual performance. This is just what many other products claim on this market. Unfortunately, those claims are often exaggerated and ungrounded. To be on the safe side, you need to opt for time-tested products from trustworthy manufacturers.
No doubt that Male Extra is one of them. Its action is based on promoting more blood flow to your penile chambers. The erection quality is directly dependant on filling your penis tissues with blood, more info on the – male penis growth pills site.
The more blood the chambers accept, the harder erection you have.
The ingredients that Male Extra consists of are aimed to boost the levels of nitric oxide in your bloodstream, which affects the blood flow and the erection. As a result, you can achieve harder and longer erections. Also, you can expect improvement of your sex drive and libido.

Along with that, you should remember that taking pills only is not sufficient for effective penis enlargement. Despite many manufacturers report you can achieve the goal by simply taking their pills, this claim is very dubious. Herbal products can really boost the blood flow in your penis, thus improving the erection quality. However, to get actual and sustainable results in terms of penis size, you need to perform some topical manual exercises, apply penis extenders, or take some other measures along with taking Male Extra pills.
The underlying concept is that extenders or manual exercises can result in feasible gains in the penis length. The herbal formulation of the capsules in question has been designed to help retain the achievements and make the results sustainable.

It goes without saying that the pills should be taken on a regular basis to see measurable and soon results. So please, adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations, which you will find in each package.
As for the ingredients of this product, the major ones to mention are: L-arginine, zinc, MSM, cordyceps, creatine etc.
All they are natural stuff and have proven their ability to boost the blood flow in the penis to achieve the claimed goals.

Also, the bottom line:
Male Extra improves the erection quality and libido and also boosts nitric oxide levels in your body. For this end, only natural ingredients are used.
However, to see the results, you need to combine taking the pills with some manual exercises or penis extenders.
Overall, the time and money you invest into this product will pay off.